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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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Strategy and Policy Development  

Canmore is well versed in the policy and doctrine development process, including: facilitating the development process; organizing and engaging leaders and stakeholders; capturing and conveying the priorities and context; crafting the vision, goals, and objectives; and finalizing for distribution. From small roundtable discussions and high level engagements with senior officials, through workshops and content reviews, to large seminars and other events, Canmore can support the strategy and policy development process as necessary to meet the need. 


Strategy Implementation and Assessment  

We understand that a strategy only works through implementation and assessment. Our team is well versed in implementing policies at state, national, and international levels; we understand the challenges of 'making it work' for diverse groups.  Our implementation planning and assessment practice has the necessary elements to unify efforts and measure results. We'll work as a valuable extension of your team to implement and assess our strategy and give you confidence in obtaining strategic aims. 

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Strategic Communications   

At Canmore, we recognize the importance of having the right message for your strategy. Our team has valuable experience in communicating security strategies, policies, and plans. We will work to craft the right communications plan and products to convey your strategy and its value. From formal briefings and presentation support, through distribution materials and other stakeholder engagement, we'll work with you to develop communications to help ensure the message is received 

At Canmore, we understand the importance of having the right strategy and policy in place to guide implementation and get results. With our support, you’ll have increased confidence that your strategy reflects the relevant context and priorities; conveys clear and actionable goals and objectives; and provides the mechanisms for continuous improvement.

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