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International Engagement


Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

At Canmore, we understand the importance of strong and resilient international partnerships- grounded in common principles, interests, and capabilities. The Canmore team has a wealth of experience in international cooperation, with emphasis on advancing trans-Atlantic relations and building resilience throughout Eurasia. Our team understands the international policy-making process, the power of consensus, and the importance of the various Ministerial and Summit meetings that drive key milestones. We'll work with you to develop a policy reflective of national priorities and supportive of advancing international cooperation.

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Civil-Military Cooperation

Today’s security environment demands more collaboration between civilian and military authorities. Both hold valuable capabilities that should be jointly understood, trained, and relied upon for enhanced security and resilience. At Canmore, we have valuable experience with making civil-military cooperation work, especially at the international level. Our team has high-level experience at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and understands the critical link between civil preparedness and defense. Let us help advance cooperation between civil and military authorities for enhanced capability, protection of our citizens, and defense of our values 

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Emerging Security Challenges

At Canmore, we recognize the evolving threat environment, including threats to long-standing international norms for peace and stability. Our team has worked at international levels on emerging security challenges including: countering hybrid threats and malign information; protecting critical infrastructure and supply lines; countering terrorism; and exploring areas of technology for enhanced security and defense. We recognize the importance of international cooperation in these areas, including among institutions and Centers of Excellence, and the interdependency among nations to share information, deter threats, and respond to crises 

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National Capacity Building

At Canmore, we see value in building a resilient international neighborhood, and the need to work with nations to advance cooperative security programs and bolster preparedness, deterrence, and defense. Our team has particular experience working with nations on these issues- including assisting those nations rebuilding from devastating, wide-scale attacks and governmental disruption. From national policy and planning efforts, through infrastructure assessments, to exercises, we understand the broad scope of requirements and the need to work with partners and institutions. Connect with us and let's discuss your national capacity building interests 

At Canmore, we recognize the critical importance of international cooperation. We strive to help governments forge and maintain strategic security relations; advance areas of mutual interest; and build collective capacity to deter foreign aggression, respond to incidents, and build resilience. 

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